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  • A Guidebook for Yogis, Dancers, or Any Student who Desires to Enhance their Flexibility and Advance their Abilities
  • Dance and Yoga Generated Postures/Stretches
  • 25+ Doorway Postures/Stretches + Additional Variations
  • Pictures for Each Posture/Stretch
  • Detailed “How To” for Each Posture/Stretch
  • Why Using a Doorway is Unique and Helpful
  • How the Doorway is Utilized
  • My “Opposition/Pressure & Release/Length” Method


  • Increased Flexibility, Balance, and Confidence to take onto your Mat, into the Dance Studio, and to bring into Your Daily Life
  • Find Balance, Support, Stretch, and Play Sessions within a Doorway
  • Partner Yoga Support, Without Needing a Partner
  • No Extra Equipment Needed
  • Can be accessed on multiple devices or downloaded as a PDF


When I was training intensively for dance I would stretch in a doorway, utilizing both sides of the doorframe everyday. I would also use the underbelly of the couch to achieve new limits of stretching from a different angle. I would squeeze myself into different shapes in various locations, allowing myself to be creative with where and how I stretched. As the years passed and my passions shifted to other things, stretching remained an important aspect of my daily routine. With a background in dance and years of expanding my range of flexibility, yoga became a fresh and fun new focus for me. I was experiencing new postures, stretches, and challenges which sparked my creative mindset. With my doorway once again an outlet for creative stretching, I developed this Ebook!


The feeling I get when dancing is parallel to when I practice yoga; both have a significant impact upon my mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps the most profound gift I receive from these two passions is a feeling that I am a part of something larger than myself. I created an Ebook to share my love of stretching and to showcase one of the many ways I was able to create a limber body.

I’m not as flexible as I once was while dancing five to eight hours a day, along with separate hours dedicated to cross-training and personalized stretching. However, I’m enjoying the process of gaining back my body’s limberness by utilizing my Ebook; it’s never too late! I would love to see your journey, personal creativity, and experiences while utilizing my Ebook! Please feel free to tag my Instagram account (@YaskoYoga) to share your progress with me!


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